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After 3 years of non-development we forgot about few tiny patches and fixes
we already had prepared. Version 2.11.2p1 addresses those issues, namely: 
a) fixed res.c against other spoofing cases and as well is is now properly
working with dual v6/v4 hostnames (kudos to fiction for that) b) "STATS f"
is now guarded with ACL_TRACE oper priviledge c) m4 got INET6 flag passed
and some other niceties from peder. There were some other tiny things, but
they're mostly not worth mentioning. :)

If you are not running an IPv6 server, you don't have to upgrade.
It is, of course, very welcome to do so at your earliest convenience.

If you are running an IPv6 server or you want to plug every possible spoofing
possibility (that includes poisoning dns cache with C/N lines too!), please do
upgrade, your dual stack (v4/v6) clients will be thankful for properly working
dns resolver.

Btw., if you have an IPv6 server and still not running 2.11.2 series, please 
upgrade ASAP. All previous versions have a bug that allows attacker to crash 
your server. Details will be posted soon.

Source can be found at:
 	http://ftp.irc.org/ftp/irc/org/irc2.11.2p1.tgz.asc (PGP signature)
Happy using!
I code, therefore I break things.