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After 3 years of development... uhm, right, not really.

After 3 years of near excellent performance from ircd (wave to tokyo with its
impressive 8500 users and 1200 days uptime) we finally decided to make a new
release to address few bugs and add some features.

Users should be more happy as MAXBANS was increased to 64 and TOPICLEN to 255. 
There's now SID visible in WHO output (for easy abuse reporting and maybe some 
nice per channel stats/graphs). We also addressed one problem that could not be
solved otherwise -- now people matching +R can join opless channels overriding
channel limit (and only channel limit and only when channel is opless, so keep 
your +eI's in sync).

We did not forget about making admins and opers more happy, too. There's finally
a KLINE command (it writes to separate file which ircd.conf has to #include
and for safety there's no way to undo it, use wisely), X-lines got another
two fields and there are two new (similar) commands: ETRACE and SIDTRACE.
Nice addition is CIDR limit for Y-lines: now you can specify that no more than
13 clients from any /24 (or any /cidr len) can connect. It is even more useful
for IPv6 servers. One more thing: it is possible to ask ircd to reread
resolv.conf or restart iauth. Please read RELEASE_NOTES for summary of
important changes.

And if you have an IPv6 server, please upgrade quickly. All previous versions
have a bug that allows attacker to crash your server. Details will be posted.

Source can be found at:

	http://ftp.irc.org/ftp/irc/server/irc2.11.2.tgz.asc (PGP signature)

Happy using!

Thanks to everyone who helped with that release.


PS JP patch is included in stock for enhanced upgradability, but this part got
   very minimal testing, please report any problems.

I code, therefore I break things.